Pixel Art Library

fast and friendly 2d game library for Common Lisp


PAL is a portable graphics/sound library mainly intended for creating modern 2d games (yes, they do still exist) with Common Lisp. Altough it is built on top of SDL and OpenGL it is not just a wrapper for those but provides an easy to use, higher level API that doesn't require any knowledge of the underlying libraries. So, if you want a full SDL or OpenGL bindings you might want to look here or here.

Pixel Art Library uses CFFI to interface with the native libraries and it should work with all Common Lisps that fully support it. It is mostly tested on SBCL and CLisp on Windows and Linux.

PAL is released under MIT license



You can check out the latest version from CVS. Also browsable here.

Latest PAL release can be found here.


Currently there is only a draft manual available, so if you have problems please ask in the mailing list.

Some bugs and limitations

Mailing lists